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More Positive Case Studies for Cloud Technology

For those looking to keep informed as to how technology security is effecting the bottom line check out this Article. A case study shows that for every $1 spent on technology security returns $10 in risk reduction. They also bring up a valid point that when you move your office to the cloud the cloud provider ensures the security. One thing to look for in selecting a cloud provider is their security rating, I recommend a SAS 70 rating and encryption specifications. A great way to save money and add security is moving your office to a secure cloud.

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Cloud Platform

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Cloud Archive

Businesses of all sizes are archiving their data to the Office Network Online Cloud in order to reduce costs while taking advantage of highly secure, highly durable, and simple cloud based storage services.

Server Virtualization

Do you already have IT staff and infrastructure in place but still want to take advantage of the cloud? Server virtualization is the next step. Let us take the cost and complexity out of virtualizing your servers.