The IT Superhero

Growing up, I think we all loved superheroes. I mean, what’s not to love? They’re awesome! They would come in, last minute, and save the day. Super Man would always save Lois from Lex Luther.  Batman always saved Gotham.  Heroes always cut the green (or red?) wire at 00:01.  Bolt always saves Penny from the Green Eyed Man.  Awesome.


In the adult world we have real life superheroes – police, fire fighters, EMT's. Those guys are even more awesome because they're actually real. When you have an emergency, they are there for you.


And let’s not forget about the IT guys. Sure, they don’t rush into burning buildings – but they have put out fires and saved your butt quite a few times (just nod your head - you know it's true). I know - I've helped many businesses in distress over the years. And it was great: getting the distress call, coming to the rescue, working hard (sometimes all night) fixing the problem and saving the day. Customers singing our praises! (Until they got the bill - emergency rates are expensive !)

I have so many stories and I have heard countless others. Over the years though, I noticed a disturbing trend: IT guys, even really good ones, were missing opportunities to fix problems before they happened.  I mean, it would absolutely destroy the story if the eagles just gave Frodo a ride to Mt. Doom instead of having him trek all over Middle Earth. Ask yourself what's more important – a good story for your IT guy or preventing you from having a serious problem down the road?


Time and time again, I observed IT guys too busy fixing one emergency, then immediately jumping to the next instead of heading it off at the pass. The amazing thing was, clients loved it! The IT guy was a hero! He saved their butts!


That’s when I realized that there was an IT Superhero Complex. I even know a company that advertises themselves as superheroes! Many IT guys (and companies) thrive on this and for good reason. Many times when I speak to businesses I hear "My IT Guy is great. When something breaks we call him and he comes in and fixes it right away." Bingo. That’s the point. Why did he have to come in after it broke? Why not before? 99% of the IT issues businesses have can be prevented before they even become issues.


Everything we know is backwards. We shouldn't want the hero to come in and fix our server – it should not have been down in the first place. Why do we need to recover this hard disk? There are warning signs that let us know when they will go bad in advance. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there are real emergencies that can’t be predicted. But do you always wait until something breaks before calling your IT guy? Does he ever show up unannounced saying: "Hey, I noticed your system was running slow so I fixed it last night before you lost any productivity." That would be sweet but pretty mundane. Which is probably why they prefer coming in after the fact so you go from slow to fast and you say how awesome he is for improving the speed of your PC (nod if this is familiar). It's a good thing he was available last minute to save you.


But then again, what if he wasn't? What if you have one of those non-emergency emergencies (the kind that could have been prevented)? What if Batman's bat phone wasn't charged? Would you be ok if Robin came in to save the day instead? What if Super Man was busy with Lois Lane and all you got was Regular Man? Is the #2 guy going to cut it? Does your IT guy even have a backup guy? It's great If you're using a company that has enough resources to back up the primary person. But if they have the resources, why didn't they prevent the emergency in the first place? It used to make me wonder if they just like to swoop in and save the day.


That's why I love the Cloud. It's boring. Nothing breaks. No emergencies. No superheroes swooping in last minute to save the day. It just works the way it's supposed to, day in and day out. I can sign on and focus on my work and not even give a thought to anything going wrong. The peace of mind you get when everything runs without issues or downtime is amazing. If you have never experienced it for yourself, I highly recommend that you give us a try.


Questions?  Comments?  Want to talk about Cloud or Mordor?  Catch us on twitter @ONOInTheCloud.

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