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7 Tips for Avoiding Computer Frustration

Is your computer in danger of being tossed out the office window? Or perhaps you’re someone who would prefer to Frisbee toss it across the room. With the increasing use of technology and our new paperless society, computer use has become an increasing source of workplace stress.


When surveyed, 65% of the people indicated that they spend more time with their computer than with their spouse. They also spend an average of 12 hours monthly trying to fix cyber mishaps. Wow!  Those numbers alone stress me out! Here's 7 tips to avoid computer frustrations:


  1. Be Prepared:  Have a plan in place for when you encounter a problem.
  2. Invest in the Best, not always the least expensive: This goes for hardware, software, and especially Support staff
  3. Back up often with a secure and reliable back up: Not a memory stick you carry around in the pocket of your swim trunks
  4. Get easy answers: Many problems can be solved on the internet
  5. Get reliable help:  Hire a technology company with a proven track record and security measures in place
  6. Create comfortable work environment: There’s no need to further stress yourself because you are uncomfortable
  7. Practice Stress Management: Keep a tennis ball in your top drawer to squeeze, or plan to take a break and breath fresh air to relieve some stress.


I personally recommend partnering with Office Network Online and completely eliminate your technology headaches. You can get to the work you need to accomplish and maybe spend the extra 12 hours a month with your spouse!


What are your thoughts?  Let us know @ONOInTheCloud

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