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6 Main Reasons Law Firms are Moving to the CLOUD

Office Network Online has been offering cloud services since 2010 and over the years we've compiled a list of the main reasons law firms are moving to the CLOUD.


  1. Cost savings: You no longer have to buy servers or software. You also eliminate the cost of server maintenance, upgrades, updates and support (small company saves about $10K)
  2. Increased productivity: Studies show you get an average of 12 hours of extra work per employee, per month. (Based on elimination of down time and employees working from anywhere)
  3. Old computers run as new: All you need your computer for once you are on the cloud is to connect to the internet-often when it’s time to update old computers, they just get on the cloud.
  4. More Security measures in place: You have the security of a gigantic company - I recommend an SAS 70 rating and minimum of 5 levels of protection (we have SAS 70 and 8 levels)
  5. Reduced Downtime: Some businesses can't afford to be down for even a minute. Cloud prevents downtime even in natural disasters.
  6. Flexibility: Work from anywhere or to scale up or down.  You can connect from most devices with an internet connection.

The cloud is absolutely the direction technology is going - it just makes sense. What would happen is there is an icon on your computer screen/phone/ipad to connect you to the cloud. Once you click on that you will be on the cloud and everything will be as it always has been without the down time, slow computers or frustration. For more information give me a call today at 786-347-6109.

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