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Thinking of moving your office to the Cloud? 10 recommended questions to ask contenders

Are you looking at vendors to take your company into the Cloud?  Not sure where to start?  You can start by asking each potential vendor these questions and make sure they give real answers.


  1. Where are your data centers located? The answer you do NOT want to hear from this question is that they are in their basement! Yes, we have found some vendors hosting customers on spare machines in the closet.  Generally a reputable company will use words like "our main Cluster is in the data center in Miami".
  2. Where are your back-up centers located? Again an unfavorable answer is we do not have backup centers. Ideally they should have backup in 2-3 different geographic location for protection from natural disasters.  This is called Geo-redundancy.
  3. If I loose my information how can I retrieve it? A good answer to this question is you can connect to the cloud from any device and your data will be there.
  4. What is your security rating? The wording of this question is very important. Often people switch it to ask "how's your security?" which will likely be answered 'Great'. The answer you want is an SAS70 rating or HIPAA approved.
  5. When is the last time your system went down? Correct answer should be never.
  6. How will I access the Cloud? Here you are looking for an answer that you can access from any device that has an internet connection.
  7. How do I add/eliminate employees? Best answer is easily through whatever measures they have in place.
  8. What happens if a device with a cloud connection is lost or stolen? Your prospective Cloud vendor should have a form in place for the owner of the device stating that they understand it will be completely wiped of all documentation if lost/stolen.  This would include phones that sync with the cloud. 
  9. What is your pricing structure? Answer to this should be an agreed upon monthly amount based on the number of users you have in your system. Stay away from companies that want a large upfront fee, want to charge for each computer/cell phone/ipad/etc., or have a long, complicated invoice.
  10. What do I do if I have a problem? Here you are looking for 24 hour support-your business cannot wait for one person to return from vacation or for 'normal' office hours.  When you want to get things done, you should be able to.


Lastly we recommend do your own follow up and verify that the answers they gave are accurate.  For more information on Office Network Online’s Cloud please contact us at 786-347-6109, use the form on the right, or connect with us on twitter @ONOInTheCloud.

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