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Hurricane Preparedness: Is your office Ready?

In today’s data critical world did you realize it’s estimated that 43% of companies who experience a severe data loss will never reopen? The CLOUD PLATFORM is an easy solution to this. Many people are well aware of the cost savings and increased security of the cloud, but an overlooked advantage is that you can effortlessly protect your company from a natural disaster. When selecting a cloud service provider verify the location of the server clusters and look for a company that has location diversity. Office Network Online has clusters in Florida, North Carolina and in Europe. It is highly unlikely that a disaster could destroy all locations at once. For your business it will be business as usual even when a natural disaster strikes.



If you are NOT on the cloud and a disaster strikes there are measures you can take to protect your business:


  1. Back up all computers on an external hard drive and store in a watertight zip lock bag
  2. Unplug all connections to computer...including power and ethernet (a surge can go over network, cable, and telephone wires)
  3. If possible, move the server somewhere safe
  4. Make sure nothing is sitting directly on the floor, and cover with plastic if they are near windows
  5. Above all, keep loved ones and yourself safe


If you have any questions or want more information on Cloud Technology, please contact us via phone, email, or twitter @ONOInTheCloud.

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