Cloud Technology is the newest solution to reducing businesses IT cost while getting better quality, security and increased productivity.

How It Works

It’s similar to using city water over having your own personal well in the back yard. The city water is tested and controlled to be sure no pesticides or hazardous chemicals are present and it never dries up. You could do that to your own personal well but the cost would be far greater because you have the entire expense to cover on your own. In short you pay less and get more.

You will use the top quality, high capacity server clusters. The only change on your end is an icon that will link you to the cloud. Once on the cloud all your documents and programs are as they were. You and your employees can work from any device; all that is required is an internet connection. Even an old computer will run as if brand new.

How it Saves Money and Improves Performance

When your office is on our cloud platform, you save the cost of servers, hardware and some software. You have an option to restructure your office into a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) work place and can save additional expense. Your IT budget becomes constant and your service becomes predictable. Your employees can work from anywhere and natural disasters are not disastrous for you business.

The Cost

We generally require 4 days to install and often are able to do it over a weekend with no interruption to your operations. We will set up an automatic payment to your credit card and there is no contract so you can cancel or change your account at any time with 30 days notice.

Cloud Platform: Basic Pro
Minimum Users 1 5
24/7 Support
Daily Backup
Disaster Recovery 
Unlimited Remote Support 
Microsoft Office 
Local Desktop Support 
 Dedicated Server
Support for SQL Databases 
Support for Custom Applications 
Monthly Cost per User $99 $129

What’s next

Call us at 786-347-6109 so we can set you up with a free trial.

Cloud Platform

Using Office Network Online's Cloud Platform, you will have all your technology and support needs taken care of for you. We'll handle all the tech stuff, you focus on your business.

Cloud Archive

Businesses of all sizes are archiving their data to the Office Network Online Cloud in order to reduce costs while taking advantage of highly secure, highly durable, and simple cloud based storage services.

Server Virtualization

Do you already have IT staff and infrastructure in place but still want to take advantage of the cloud? Server virtualization is the next step. Let us take the cost and complexity out of virtualizing your servers.


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