Focus on your business while reducing risk with Cloud technology


As a business owner have you considered the value of your time and the true cost of not having an information management system in place? Just as a wise individual would never attempt to represent themselves in court it is inadvisable for a business owner to attempt to manage something as important as the computer systems in today’s business environment. With Office Network Online’s Cloud platform, you retain the day-to-day control and access of your documents, and Office Network Online provides a fully managed outsourced IT solution. What this means to you is you will no longer have servers at your location, you will have a much stronger system, with stronger security measures, old computers will run at the speed of new computers, you will have eliminated downtime dangers and be able to work from anywhere at anytime. As a result, you will benefit from: 


Free up time for what matters to you: How would you like to spend the extra 2 hours a week you create by having computers running at worry free maximum efficiency? Golfing, with your family or maybe increasing your business’s revenue. Our users experience an average of two hours a week in time savings by moving their office to the cloud.


Reduction of workplace Stress: Slow or non-working systems are shown to be one of the greatest stress causers in the modern work environment. Once you are on the Cloud this will be a non-issue and all systems are monitored 24 hours a day and running at peak efficiency.


Expertise: Gain a trusted adviser to help your organization proactively manage your systems.


Risk Management: Your Industry has specific security requirements. We provide the documentation required to comply with the security requirements of your industry.


Scale Up or Down: If you need to add employees during a busy time of the year we handle that for you. You are able to scale up or down with a minimal impact on your infrastructure.


Purchasing Power: You are able to use systems that would be financially unavailable to a small to medium sized business. Technology is said to be the great equalizer enabling small businesses to compete with the giants.


Your technology should exist to serve you, not the other way around.  Let Office Network Online move your business to our  secured private Cloud Platform so you can focus on your business, not IT.  Contact us today.

Cloud Platform

Using Office Network Online's Cloud Platform, you will have all your technology and support needs taken care of for you. We'll handle all the tech stuff, you focus on your business.

Cloud Archive

Businesses of all sizes are archiving their data to the Office Network Online Cloud in order to reduce costs while taking advantage of highly secure, highly durable, and simple cloud based storage services.

Server Virtualization

Do you already have IT staff and infrastructure in place but still want to take advantage of the cloud? Server virtualization is the next step. Let us take the cost and complexity out of virtualizing your servers.