Hurricane Preparedness: Is your office Ready?

In today’s data critical world did you realize it’s estimated that 43% of companies who experience a severe data loss will never reopen? The CLOUD PLATFORM is an easy solution to this. Many people are well aware of the cost savings and increased security of the cloud, but an overlooked advantage is that you can effortlessly protect your company from a natural disaster. When selecting a cloud service provider verify the location of the server clusters and look for a company that has location diversity. Office Network Online has clusters in Florida, North Carolina and in Europe. It is highly unlikely that a disaster could destroy all locations at once. For your business it will be business as usual even when a natural disaster strikes.

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Clearing IT Up: Legal Cloud Confusion

Recently, I met attorneys who believed they were taking advantage of cloud technology because they have one or two programs available on the cloud. This only offers the most minuscule advantages. The Cloud that offers the greatest cost saving and productivity enhancements is the Cloud Platform.

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If You Want to Reduce STRESS in your Life, Avoid Tech jobs!

Recently I came across this article explaining that tech jobs are some of the most stressful jobs in the world today. It makes sense to me because everything is always advancing and tasks need to be completed no later than yesterday. I figure the salaries are adjusted to compensate for the knowledge requirements and stress. There's one big question that kept replaying in my mind over and over as I read this. If it's so stressful and unpleasant why are there still business owners in today's world that want to handle their tech problems on their own? Don't they already have enough stress running a business? What am I missing-please help me understand….all comments appreciated.  

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Cloud Computing and CPAs

Accounting firms around the world are facing challenges with the adaption of Cloud Computing. They want to take advantage of the cost savings as well as increased productivity and efficiency but recognize that the smallest security breach would be fatal to their firm. They also recognize that not running their business on the Cloud could be equally fatal as they could no longer compete with firms taking advantage of the financial savings of the Cloud.

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7 Tips for Avoiding Computer Frustration

Is your computer in danger of being tossed out the office window? Or perhaps you’re someone who would prefer to Frisbee toss it across the room. With the increasing use of technology and our new paperless society, computer use has become an increasing source of workplace stress.

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